I'm in Los Angeles California I love deepthroating, edging a buddy, cut cocks (uncut okay, too), long cocks (shorter okay, too), verbal dudes who know a good throat when they fill one. In general, I like dudes who are more or less straight or straight acting (always 18+) but some of my favorite visitors are white dudes, not prejudice just prefer white Italian, Armenian dudes but open to all dudes as long as they are hot. I love delivery drivers, tow-truck drivers, letter carriers, plumbers, electricians, Hrepairmen, cable installers, telephone linemen, parking-enforcement officers, cops, military (in uniform would be a dream come true). . . all sorts of guys whose jobs take them out and about during the day and who use a visit to my gloryhole to provide them a little much needed "me time." I"m usually down for a quick cum-dump, but when servicing a dude with a week"s worth of cum in his nuts and the good sense to let me slow-edge it out of him. I love to deepthroat, I always swallow, and I usually do both at the same time, which feels as incredible to me as it does to the dude I'm doing it to. My ideal scene would be one-on-one, or you with hot buddy late evening, late at night, with a severely horny dude who COULD let go of his load at any second but prefers not to because clinging to the edge feels so . . . damn . . . GOOD!

Sean R
Los Angeles CA 90039


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